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Threat Analysis What are we defending against?

Internal Threats

External Threats


Governmental Action

Defense Strategies


Pay Extortion

Dane Geld

Passive Resistance

Active Resistance


Deterrence could involve hiring a private defense agency such as Acme Private Defense to retaliate against aggressors. Presumably, arrangements could be worked out for payment to be made only after a successful counterattack were launched.

Defensive Equipment

Less lethal

Water cannon


Microwave emitters

Sound wave emitters

Striking weapons - nunchucks, batons, etc

Incapacitants - Pepper spray, etc


Short Range/Small arms

Pistols Semiautomatic, .40 S&W / 10mm / .45ACP class

Shotguns - 12 Ga Pump / Semi / Full variety of ammunition including beanbag, rubber ball

Intermediate Range /Small arms

Rifles- Preferably select fire assault rifles, make and model being dependent on budget. Reliability will be important because it is unlikely that there will be a gunsmith in the early days of seasteading.

Long Range / Small Arms

Machine guns

M249 Ideally modified to fire the 6.5 Grendel round


M2HB .50 Caliber

Crew served weapons


CIWS Air and close-in point defense

Intermediate range, air defense

Sea Sparrow (type)

Intermediate range surface defense

Exocet (type)

Structural defense mechanisms

Partial or complete flooding of selected areas, up to the reversible submersibility of the entire structure

Threat surveillance and Detection

Area Radar Aerostat radar (type)

Active / passive sonar?

Individual Equipment and Protection


Fire resistant clothing (shirt/trousers or jump/flight suit), gloves, head covering (balaclava), boots

Load carrying equipment

Vest with integrated pouches for ammo, water, first aid kit, etc. With armor and/or flotation

Protective Mask MCU-2/P or JSGPM or better

Night vision devices


Body armor

Helmet with face shield, integrated communications and hearing protection

Unconventional weapons


directed microwave emitters

metalstorm / flechettes

in general, use the stuff that the big militaries paid to have developed, and then couldn't use because of the bureaucracy. see steyr ACR for an example.

Support Infrastructure
Fresh water · Food · Farming · Waste Disposal · Shelter · Appliances · Communications · Transportation · Medical and Health Care · Infrastructure Example
Socio-Economic, Political, and Legal
Legal · Defense · Money