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In this page we try to pull it all together and design an infrastructure for a small seastead using as much off the shelf technology as possible. We will use products from the West Marine catalog.


The basic requirements are:

  • The seastead stays put away from any port.
  • We start with solar/diesel power -- no wind and no wave for now.
  • Sewage is carted back to port for disposal.
  • Everything is as turn key as possible. It just works.
  • Preferably no propane. If propane is required, propane sniffers are a must.
  • Safety. Everything just safely shuts down if there are problems.
  • Rough costs only. No need to shop around yet.

What we want is:

  • A kitchen with a refrigerator, a sink with hot and cold water, a stove and an oven.
  • A bathroom with a toilet, hot/cold water sink, and hot/cold water shower.
  • A living room with enough power to run an audio visual center and a computer with Wi-Fi. No need to specify the A/V or computer equipment.

The required equipment is listed below.

Power Management

Power Storage, for practical reasons of scale, must be be based on batteries. Redundant systems (solar, wind, and diesel generator) can independently charge the batteries.

  • Batteries (how many? how big?)
  • 120 Watt Solar Panel (WM#:8909350 ~$1000)
  • Sun follower?
  • Diesel Generator (auto start? How big?)
  • Power management electronics
  • AC Inverter

DC Equipment Vendors:

Water/Waste Management

  • Watermaker (w power recovery?)
  • Seawater pump (to get seawater up to seastead)
  • Fresh water tank (what size?)
  • On demand water pump
  • Hot water header (stored or on demand?)
  • Sewage tank (what size)


  • Refrigerator
  • Sink
  • On demand water pump
  • Stove/Oven (electrical/propane?)
  • Microwave
  • Industrial food processor


  • Toilet
  • Sink
  • Shower
  • Bath

Living Room

  • AC Converter
  • WiMAX Subscriber unit (such as this one)

Medical Equipment

  • Automatic External defibrillator
  • Oxygen – D sized cylinder
  • Refrigeration (for storage of medical supplies, ice packs ect)
  • Bio-hazard disposal

Fire/Damage Control

  • On demand seawater pumps
  • Independent fire extinguishers
  • Respirators
  • Emergency lighting/power generator
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