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Marinea is a group effort into colonizing the oceans.

The Marinea Project

Marinea – Where Freedom And Liberty Reign!

Marinea is a research project into ocean colonization. Our slogan, “Sea – the Future!” is our firm belief that the oceans are mankind’s hope for a better future. The primary purpose is the expansion of livable area by creating permanent human settlements (called seasteads), floating on the surface of the water. The Earth’s population has just passed 7 billion on its way to 10 billion people by 2050. Have you asked how we are going to be able feed, house, and clothe 40% more people? We have asked those questions, and we have some sensible answers. What is needed is more livable space, and since we can’t create more land we need to think about expanding to the sea. Consider this, two thirds of the planet is ocean, unclaimed and free for colonization. We build cities in the middle of deserts (Las Vegas), and even in swamp-lands (Miami); so why not in the ocean (Marinea). The technology exists to make this happen in our lifetime.

Watch this 2 minute video "A Future Of Hope" for a short overview of The Marinea Project.


Marinea's history is short but prolific.

We were incorporated in Belize in 2016, and are a company looking toward the future with the courage to take actions to bring that future closer instead of just dreaming about it. Also in 2016, the [SCLP recognized and endorsed] the Marinea Project.

For almost a decade most of the Marinea team have worked separately toward finding the best way forward for the seasteading vision. Discussing and experimenting with every aspect of what can go wrong and what can go right. Each growing and learning in their own professions to reach this point where they can come together and create something great.

The Marinea Project

Marinea is not afraid to take risks while relying on a vast wealth of knowledge to back up our decisions. As such, every detail is ironed out until everyone on the team is confident that it is right.

What we offer is a way forward for the world’s population. We will create the infrastructure and framework for independence from land and the problems that come with it, while providing: affordability, availability of food, water, and energy.

You can expect Innovation, Professionalism, Ethics, and Environmental Sustainability. Marinea will bring forward the innovation in sea living like never before seen. Marinea is a company with experienced professionals who have the peoples’ best interests at heart. Marinea strives to be open and honest with all aspects of our business to ensure that we can build and keep the trust of the community going forward for decades. Environmental sustainability and protection are keys to the Marinea business model. We look to not only sustain the natural environment where we are located but improve and enhance the area in a way that is not only beneficial to the surrounding location but also to the world.

Why choose Marinea? Safety, Comfort, Economical Living, and of course Freedom. Our number one priority in this new technological advance is to ensure the safety of everyone involved. In fact, the majority of our current research is dedicated to this one issue. We are also committed to making your stay at Marinea as comfortable and serene as possible. Marinea offers all the comforts of living on land, but yet gives you access to all the wonders of the ocean. Our intent is to make Marinea an affordable place to live, regardless of anyone’s financial means. We strive to make a better standard of living a reality for everyone. Marinea is hoping to make economical living a reality for everyone, yes – this is true, however our real emphasis is on living! Which brings us to freedom! Marinea will be a place of respect not just for oneself, but for all others as well; and of course this will result in fewer restrictions. The end result is having your own little piece of paradise.

Main Concept and Structure

The Marinea Project has 3 phases planned. Phase one is to establish proof of concept. The first phase is to use existing technology rather than trying to create a new idea using all new technology without a proper testing period. The project calls for the purchase of a barge to act as the community center. Most people living in Marinea during this time will be living on their own boats.

Phase two will be the construction of a proper town center. The initial barge will be re-purposed for other needs. A floating marina will be added and other floating islands for other uses as the village grows. Phase two will also see apartments available for rent or sale. Both phase one and two will be located in a shallow area of the Caribbean known as the Sal Bank, and will result in a large floating community in a wave protected sanctuary.

Phase three is taking all that we know from actual experience and creating a deep ocean seastead.

The concept of creating the Marinea Project was to follow examples set in the recent past, homesteading. Settlers preferred to be located near a town for supplies and recreational activities. Supply lines were generally somewhere between two points, like existing towns. We saw the same thing repeated along route 66 from Chicago to LA - little towns popped up at various points along the highway and grew to be communities of their own. Marinea will be located in a straight line between Miami and Cuba with reasonably priced fuel and supplies for boaters.

Four guidelines were established to ensure growth: the project must be duplicatable, expandable, self-sufficient, and sustainable. Marinea is a pilot project for future seasteading projects and therefore has to be duplicate-able. The reason? What good is a pilot project that others can't duplicate? The project must be expandable, this makes the plan useful for all sizes of needs - from remote science outposts to housing for the millions of refugees. The seastead must be self-sufficient so that it is an answer to the problem of over-crowding and not a drain on land resources. It must be capable of long term sustainability, in other words, learn to live in harmony with nature and stop destroying it.


The future without some type of ocean colonization is horrible. Imagine; as the population climbs, the added pressure from over-crowding will cause the crime rate and hostilities to get out of control, wars are inevitable, as will be famine. Without the support of the people that want something better, failure is an option.

The other future is a slow change and a good one as people begin to move out into the seas and live free and peacefully again. While life at sea slowly becomes a reality, this will give scientists and technicians time to get busy on space colonies.

One future hopeful, one dismal, it all depends on the people and their support.

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