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Year of Birth: 1982
Sex: Male
Location: Missouri, USA
Political Views: Independent/Pro-Human
Religious Views: New Age/Pagan

Hello, I'm Zephyrheart (Zeph), and I'm excited to be taking part in the transformative and progressive process to push humanity into finally exploring and colonizing the vast, last frontier of our beautiful planet. (I’m great at making long sentences!) I’ve been working on researching and preparing some ideas and proposals to contribute to the site. I really appreciate the depth of thought many have been putting into their pages, and hope that my contributions will reflect the bright spirit of the seasteading community.

Feel free to say hi, I am excited to meet new like-minded people!

Contributions to Seasteading Wiki


About Me

  • I am a civil service member and traditional reservist in the 442d Fighter Wing at Whiteman AFB, MO.
  • My work is primarily in IT. I’ve performed a wide range of duties (as is the Air Force way):
 -Satellite communications / Global Networking
 -Network Architecture and Engineering
 -Systems Lifecycle Management (IT Equipment Inventory and Control – cradle to grave)
 -Network Administration
 -Client Support
  • I am also currently responsible for our unit’s training program, emergency management program, deployment management program, software license management program, IT asset management program, and am the immediate supervisor for our network infrastructure and client support technicians.
  • Military training (along with a few of my hobbies) affords me a modicum of defense, offense, strategic planning, and tactics knowledge. That said, I'm still an IT guy.
  • Career-wise, I want to focus more on green tech, innovative use of current and emerging technologies, and assisting humanity in progressing into an age of cooperation.
  • I’m very interested in finding a place I can better put my skills to use.

Research Interests

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had a HUGE interest in technology and how best to apply it in new ways. Unfortunately, I never had the math skills to pursue a career in research and development. I absolutely love science, but hate the math that makes it go. If I could make a career out of being the creative/analytical mind people used to bounce things off of, I’d be a millionaire by now! Put me in front of a computer and ask for a way to make something work. I’ll research just about anything, especially if it’s technology.

Things I Like

Camping (tents, not RVs and such)


Playing music (I’m a singer and bass player)

Video games (RPGs, MMOs, RTSs)

Pencil and Paper RPGs (Dungeons and Dragons, etc)

Fire Spinning (I spin fire staff)

Reading sci-fi/fantasy

Reading about new tech and research

Daydreaming about how to protect myself during the upcoming zombie apocalypse


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