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This session was held Friday, October 10th, 2008. Hosted by Chris Rasch. Here are his slides as a movie.

List of potential problems / issues / bill of rights items

  • Pollution
  • Bad things that affect others
  • Trespass & property
  • Real estate
  • Code of conduct may be useful
  • Vigilanteism as an issue
  • Form of arbitration
  • Outsourcing violence
  • Existential Threats
  • Sovereignty
  • Right to secession
  • Basic code of conduct
  • Decision-making process

Another list, of ideas maybe? I'm not sure

  • Murky definitions
  • No universal code
  • Movie ratings for seasteads (G, PG...X, Unrated...)
  • Branding / Franchise
  • Sales Tools / Perception
  • Need effective communication / relationships
  • Want a better place to be freer
  • Analogous to hotels / trailer park
  • Lenders will write the rules
  • Not all will do the same things! (what is TSI's role in that?)
  • Collective representation of some universal seasteading interests?
  • Right of secession & association
  • Is this even needed? Let's build a seastead first!
  • Wants vs. Needs for the rules. What rules we want on our seastead vs. what rules we need on all seasteads.