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WikiMedia, the software used for Seasteading wiki, is the same as the one used for Wikipedia. It's really easy to use, just try it and you'll see. A few examples first.

Example 1.

You just found big a error on this page (which has a probability of about 1). Try these steps:

  • Click on edit at the top of this page (can't see edit? Log in or create an account first.)
  • Change the text
  • Click save.

That's it.

Example 2.

You think this page is all wrong or missing important information, but you are not sure and want to discuss this first. This is what the "Talk Page" is for. Each page has a link "Discussion" at the top. This is where the talk about a page goes. So:

  • Click on discussion
  • Add your comments
  • Click Save.

Example 3.

Some page needs a link to another website.

  • Click on edit
  • Type the following:
  • Click save. In the text is now a link:


Another name for the same link? Try:

[http://www.coolwebsite.com/coolproduct.html More information] here.

This will show up as:

More information here.

Example 4.

You want to make a link to another page on this website, for example the page Waves. Type this:


More tricks can be found here, but it's usually quicker to just look at an existing page and copy the code.

More help?

Just ask, go to the Main Page, click discussion and type your question. You can sign what you type by typing ~~~~ at the end.

You need an account!

Due to massive amounts of spam, it is not possible anymore to make changes without logging on.